Research at Applied Nanotechnology

At Applied Nanotechnology, we thrive in a diverse array of expertise areas and explore a variety of compelling research topics. Our areas of expertise encompass Sensing & Interfacing, Testing & Probing, µ-System Production, Microfabrication, Societal Embedding of Nanotechnology, Molecular and Cell Biology, and Nanostructuring.

Sensing & Interfacing

Testing & Probing

µ-system production & Micro Fabrication


Molecular and cell biology

Societal Embedding

Within these realms, we take the lead in several dynamic research lines, including Circularity, More than Moore, Gas Sensing, Point of Care Testing, Lab/Organ-on-Chip, Nanomaterials, and Nanostructuring. Our multidisciplinary approach propels us to address pressing challenges and continuously expand the applications of nanotechnology.

Running projects:

Project Archieve:

  • PhoBioSens
  • Autocue
  • BVD-Sens