Molecular and cell biology 

We have expertise in conjugating biomolecules to different surfaces for the development of, for example, sensors. Furthermore, we can culture cell lines for organ-on-a-chip devices. 

The research group develops and uses various conjugation strategies for attaching biomolecules (DNA, RNA, proteins, antibodies) on various surfaces, such as those in different sensors, and also quantum dots. We are also involved in the development of organ-on-a-chip devices. This involves the culture of various cell types, such as cardiomyocytes or bone-resorbing cells. They are kept alive in microfluidic channels under conditions (fluids, surfaces, flow) such that they behave as in our body. The expertise in molecular biology also comprises drug testing at living cells. Final aim is to develop the chip towards a device that can be used for detecting cardiotoxicity of drugs and other compounds, and as such replace animal testing, that is now used for this purpose. Finally, we have a bacterial culture lab, in which we can test various materials on their antimicrobial properties. 


More healthy and productive years for peri-menopausal women

From co-creation to innovative animal-free solutions for bio-electrical organ dysfunction: a CIRCULAR research approach 

DavinciQD 2.0

Archieved projects:

  • Heart-on-a-chip
  • DavinciQD