Integrated photonic technology enables computations with light on a chip similar to how modern microchips perform computations with electrons. Even more remarkable, photonic processors can operate with light at its fundamental quantum level, which fuels rapid developments in photonic quantum computing. In our quantum photonic lab at Saxion, we explore key technologies enabling photonic quantum data processing and specifically focus on quantum integrated photonics.

Within this internship you will learn the basics of quantum integrated photonics and will acquire hands-on experience with a quantum photonic processor through challenging but exciting tasks:

1. Integrate the photonic processor into a programmable module. It is a follow-up of the prior student assignment, which provides the needed components and the further steps.

2. Develop the calibration procedure for on-chip classical light control.

3. Perform test runs of quantum measurements.

4. Collect all the acquired practical knowledge, methodology, and recommendations for further developments in a concise report.

These tasks can be adapted to the specialization of interested candidates (applied physics, electrical engineering, computer science).

The internship will be conducted at the Saxion research group Applied Nanotechnology and the Quantum Talent and Learning Centre (within the Quantum Delta NL initiative) in collaboration with our industry partner QuiX Quantum GmbH. As our quantum team is involved in many quantum initiatives, this internship allows getting familiar with the regional and national quantum ecosystems and proposes many networking opportunities.

Educational programs:
– Applied physics
– Electrical engineering
– Computer science

Are you interested or want to learn more? Send an email with your motivation and brief introduction to Dr. Dmytro Polishchuk (