Development of a High-Throughput Heart-on-a-Chip Platform using Pipetting Robots. 

A Heart-on-a-Chip is a microfluidic chip reproducing the organ’s function using heart muscle cells cultured inside the chip chamber. This technique is a promising tool for drug development and a cost-efficient alternative for the ethically questionable animal models. 

In order to push this technique towards to market, it needs to be scaled up. We developed a chip holder capable of carrying eight chips in parallel. Cells inside the chip must be provided by nutrients using a pipetting robot. The goal of this internship is, on one hand, to develop a pipetting routine for our large-sized robot, and on the other hand to build a small-scale pipetting helper imaging lid (PHIL) for use on a microscope. Afterwards, PHIL has to be validated in terms of accuracy and reproducibility. 

Educational program:
– Student with interest in technical tasks; experience with electronics is a pré, but the background may vary.

Interested, please send your motivation letter and CV before 3 June 2024 to Michelle Fleermann (